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As of September 14th 2021..

Okay, for real? Along with garlic seeds, toilet paper, and computer chips, yeah there are also paper shortages. Like just about everything else in the world right now, our normal shipping times are just not very normal. Add at least a few business days to just about everything. Our apologies!!!


As of December 3rd..

It's a crazy year but we're doing our best to keep up on all fulfillment/shipping, etc... for your Dec 25 deliveries. For the latest, please click here.


As of November 16th...

We are pretty much on normal shipping times! But volume is off the charts and combined with COVID restrictions, if there was ever a year to not delay, this is the one! Order early and save stress. Carriers are not guaranteeing any shipment times this year so get those orders in early!  


As of October 26th...

Things are all pretty good except for hoodies. Our suppliers are struggling and hoodies are often taking over a week for fulfillment. So sorry. We still love the news ones, even if they are taking a bit of time.


As of September 4th...

Things are rolling as normal as we've been since last February!! Due to overwhelming demand masks are about two weeks out but other than that, we're good to go! Fingers crossed. Happy Labor Day Weekend!


As of August 25th...

If it's not one thing, it's another. Just when it seems we got some kind of (supplier) grasp on COVID we have wildfires and one of our printers has been forced to evacuate. Some of our fine art and metal prints are now being delayed. 2020... you still suck.

As of August 24th

All items are shipping with close to normal shipping times! Woohoo!

As of July 30th

Apparel has improved a little. more.. First orders of masks have shipped - they're about 2 weeks for the next batch. Everything else same as below. In short, tees and tanks are taking the longest and everything else is semi-normal. Mugs, pillows, hoodies, metals, canvas, framed prints and prints are normal. Thanks again for all the amazing patience! You're the best!


As of July 9th

Apparel is taking a little less time but still not great. We've got some new hoodies coming soon which will definitely speed up that fulfillment. Our new masks are about 2 weeks out for the initial orders. Thanks for all the patience.


As of July 1st - Happy July!

At this point, tees and tanks are a real doozy still. Sometimes 4 and 5 weeks. Phone cases are super fast. Hoodies and long sleeves are generally almost normal. Nothing else has changed from what is noted below. Cheers!


As of June 5th

Some apparel is taking 6 weeks. We are looking for some different options and ways to get around this. Our apologies!!


As of June 3rd...

Metals, Fine Art, Wood, Canvas, and Coasters are as normal as we've seen in weeks!

Phone cases are super speedy. Accessories and poster prints slower than usual but under a week.

Apparel continues to be a real drag!


As of May 14th...

We are shipping all items.  

Metal, Fine Art, Wood, Canvas, and Coasters are available for rush shipping and very close to normal production times.

Poster prints and all accessories are generally under a week.

Apparel is definitely seeing our biggest hit unfortunately with shipping times up to and over 3 weeks now. Yeah stinks.


Our apologies again and thanks for your patience and support.

Stay safe, healthy, and sane.