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Mission Statement: To inspire us all to better see the world.


08 Left is not just a runway designation, it is representative of three cities that mean a lot to owner Ryan Miller and his wife Heidi. 08 Left is a runway in Vancouver, BC where Ryan and Heidi went on one of their first dates, in Paris, France, where they spent two weeks on the vacation of a lifetime and in Honolulu, Hawaii, where they went on their honeymoon.

It's never just about a runway.

We love clean, modern, design. We love aviation and travel. We love the intoxicating blast of a jet engine combined with the intricate flight plans that allow us to see new places, new faces, and create better stories. We love all that an airport can represent: from the memory of the first time seeing an airplane, holding your dad’s hand, to meeting your fiancé as they walk out the door, to that honeymoon. The world of aviation is inspiring to us, it’s beautiful, it’s magical and it represents our stories. We make art and apparel for that. It looks good and means… the world. To you and your journey. Life’s a trip, as we often say… and we mean it literally. So don't shut the shades and fall asleep just waiting for some kind of future destination, open the shades, bask in the view from 33,000 feet and sit back in awe and wonder at the magic that we have the gift of experiencing and living.


For Those Of Us...

Who live to check another country off the list
Who love the view at 38,000 feet
Who appreciate the journey as much as the destination
Who always know where we’re going
Who love hearing a new language
Who see airports with more magic and less frustration
Who smile at every takeoff and always want the window seat
Who generally consider life to be a big, beautiful, amazing trip...




When Ryan was little he lived in Haiti. While there, he family took a flight from Port-au-Prince to Santo Domingo for a short vacation. The flight was on a Pearl Airways DC-3. The Captain invited Ryan up front while still on the ground, and then proceeded to let Ryan stay up front the entire trip. He then put Ryan in his chair - with paying passengers in the back - and let him bank around a cloud. Yes, highly, highly illegal.

But, pretty intoxicating for a 12 year-old.

Do you see that smile?