Zero8 Mega Fun Pack!

All the stuff! 

We are sold out of the 787 transfer sticker, unfortunately. We're also sold out of our buttons. : (

Everything else is still included and the price has been knocked down a bit more! 

Our new mega fun pack of 16 high-quality, high detail and beautiful colored decals includes all the decals we used to sell separately in addition to a few new ones.

And we always throw in a few extras too! 


Holographic Contrails
Size 2"

Explore More Circle
Size: 4"

Just Go Oval
Size: 4" x 3"

Richer Triangle 
Size: 2.82" x 2.6"

Adventure Rectangle
Size: 4" x 2"

Epic Rectangle
Size: 4" x 2"

Icons Rectangle 
Size: 4" x 2"

See It All Rectangle
Size: 6.x25" x 3.48"

Amelia Circle
Size: 2"

Cool as F Circle
Size: 2"

And Go! Circle 
Size: 3"

LOVE Rectangle
Size: 5" x 1.5"

Window Circle
Size: 2" 

Clear Jets Rectangle
Size: 6.4" x 3"

Meet Me Die Cut
Size: 6.x25" x 3.48"

Contrails Die Cut
Size: 4.68" x 3.8"

Ships to U.S. only. 

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