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Zero8 Mega Fun Pack!

All the stuff! 

We are clearing out our decals and buttons and others goodies! 

So we've knocked the price down even more! You'll get AT LEAST 15 of the decals below as well as random other goodies, including buttons, stationery, notebooks, extra decals and more.  

What's this mean? 

You're guaranteed to get your money's worth! And some of you (who order earlier than later) will get an even better deal!!


Holographic Contrails
Size 2"

Explore More Circle
Size: 4"

Just Go Oval
Size: 4" x 3"

Richer Triangle 
Size: 2.82" x 2.6"

Adventure Rectangle
Size: 4" x 2"

Epic Rectangle
Size: 4" x 2"

Icons Rectangle 
Size: 4" x 2"

See It All Rectangle
Size: 6.x25" x 3.48"

Amelia Circle
Size: 2"

Cool as F Circle
Size: 2"

And Go! Circle 
Size: 3"

LOVE Rectangle
Size: 5" x 1.5"

Window Circle
Size: 2" 

Clear Jets Rectangle
Size: 6.4" x 3"

Meet Me Die Cut
Size: 6.x25" x 3.48"

Contrails Die Cut
Size: 4.68" x 3.8"

Ships to U.S. only. 

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