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A little about you.

Roman Becker, 777F Captain for a German Cargo Airline, 15 Years in professional Aviation, started flying 23 Years ago. 

The Past

1. We certainly don’t want to dwell in the past, but sometimes it’s helps the drive forward to look in the rear view mirror. If you could go back and change one thing about the way you were raised, what would it be? If it’s nothing, tell us why? 

What a beautiful thought. Don't we all wish we could travel back in time and give the younger self some life tips. I would definitely recommend buying more Bitcoin :). Jokes aside; As far as my career choice is concerned, I would do everything exactly the same way again. Aviation is an integral part of my life, and my choice of career is a logical consequence of my hobby at the time, gliding. In general, I would assure myself that all failures are also opportunities in the end. Many failures and mistakes that disappointed me at the time turned out to be great opportunities. We grow with our fails. 

2. If you could go back and tell your 10 year-old self, or tell an authority figure, one thing, which person would you choose and what would you say?

There's no one I'm specifically thinking of. Everyone you meet in your life, be it a negative or positive experiences, you can gain something from. These examples can be a great guidance for the formation of your own personality.

The present.

3. When’s the last time you felt afraid and/or lonely? We’re not trying to be sad here but a little “me too” always feels good. 

I remember one situation in particular. When the first Corona lockdowns started, we were in our hotel in Dallas. The hotel was almost completely empty and we were almost the only guests. When we checked out, the doors behind us were locked and the lights were switched off. We were told that we would be the last guests for an indefinite period of time. A young lady at check-in had tears in her eyes and told me that she didn't know what to do next. That really upset me at the time.

4. We all know magic is way more than a card trick. So, when was the last time you experienced magic? Or the only way to describe the experience was “magical”?

Honestly. I don't want to advertise here, but when I drove a Tesla for the first time during a test drive, I thought : "Crazy, that is new, that’s the future." Even if it might not be. I think its a certain kind of fascination for technology that made this experience so impressive for me. 

5. When is the last time you felt the most free? Any tips for how we can replicate it? 

Last time I couldn't walk due to a knee injury, my days on the couch were pretty dull. When the whole thing healed and I was able to walk again, I was incredibly grateful. Health is such a priceless commodity. It wasn't a big deal, but since then I've been trying to be thankful for my health every day. That relaxes you immensely. Worries about money or success are quickly put into perspective when health becomes an issue. And yes, since then I feel somehow freer.

6. Is there a way that aviation taps into the sacred/holy/spiritual/universe to you? If not - no, wait, there has to be right? 

I spent every Sunday growing up at the airport and never in church. The whole thing was like a spiritual replacement with more fun potential :)

But honestly. I think aerospace still fascinates us all very much. For me there is the aspect that aviation is one of the best industries I know. The system cannot function without sophisticated teamwork. You are only a very small part in a gigantic apparatus. It would be very arrogant if one would think to stands above it and has understood it completely. The fact that the whole system works so reliably and smoothly is magical. In addition, as a pilot you will of course get to see a lot, be it the northern lights over the Atlantic or magical sunrises over India. One reason why I always have a camera with me. I have to capture these impressions whenever possible.

The Future.

7. If you could guarantee 1 thing for yourself 10 years from now, what would it be? Or maybe it’s nothing because messing with the future is tricky?

I will be working as a Pilot in a Cockpit. Thats for sure. (only if they have not replaced us with robots of course :))

8. What gives you hope that tomorrow will be better than today? And thus, gives us all a little hope? 

Every crisis has made ours stronger and smarter so far. I'm sure it's the same this time. We get bigger with problems and mistakes, not smaller. Trust the process!  

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