the 08 left 2021 holiday gift guide


This year's theme is simple: Ryan's 8 favorite things. And the sales are simple. One of the 8 will be on sale for 8 days leading up to Thanksgiving. That means sales start with Number One (November 17) and end with Number Eight (November 24).

Coupon codes for the respective days are shown below. Dates and Time are Pacific Standard Time. Black Friday this year will carry a generic discount code for all items - not as high as the specific items below.



Okay, I love these. They, admitedly, haven't been the biggest sellers on the site but I'm trying again because they are really realy cool and I just love them.

Last time we went to Europe I had trouble finding the perfect tourist shirt (for me). So I made one... and a few more using endonyms: the name for a place, site or location in the language of the people who live there. With an airplane, of course.

Tees, long sleeves, and hoodies are all 25% off on Wednesday the 24th using the code ENDO.


Mod 36 isn't the most creative name ever - modern designs in 24 x 36 sizes - but they are some of my favorites, despite the name. And they're big which makes them evern more fun.

You'll see lots of limited edition remnants (that have sold out) in newer and fresher color schemes as well as some all new designs that lean a little more toward art than aviation love.

24 x 36 metals, prints, and canvas are all 25% off Thursday November 18th using the code 3625.

Ah these hoodies (and crewnecks)

I've always loved our hoodies but I really love these new No. 3 sweatshirts. The colors are rich, the stripes on the sleeves are dope, and we've got our 30 top selling airports all ready to go with any airport (well almost) also available for those that want them!

Okay, I'm also in love with our new No. 2 Design. So those are on sale too!

And you can choose a crewneck sweatshirt on most of these as well.

Rep your field with serious style and at a 20% discount on Friday November 19th with code DOPE3.

feature your photo

Once again, we went to Europe, came back with some killer photos and just wanted a little extra punch for them. A little aviation love while still featuring the photo. Thus... the airport photo line - which isn't a great name because it implies pictures of airports and not the places that the airports let us get to.

Oh well, I think these are so cool - and they are similar to the hoodies above in design themes. Most fun, we are using photos from some 08 Left customers and even more fun, you can upload your own photos, and even more fun you can create your own print. So much fun. : )

These are 30% off on Saturday November 20th with the code PHOTOFUN.

the original design

These are what we started off with almost 8 years ago. 8 years! What! That will have to be a celebration. But we started with ORD, LAX, JFK, and the big ones and now have too many to count - over 500! Big and small.

And, honestly, they really are the heart and soul of it all, right? Without an airport, there really isn't much aviation is there?

Sunday November 21st save 25% on all diagrams using code ORIGINAL.

luxury paper

It's hard to know just how cool these are until you touch them and feel them. In a world obsessed with digital it's so cool to have something crafted by hand and to hand write a note on it and send it in the actual email.

Of course, this is what our other company (run by my amazing wife) Mango Ink does and they do it really well with our 1895 letter press - these are seriously a thing of beauty.

On Monday November 22nd they are 25% off using the code HANDMADE.


We just came out with this line and I'm absolutely in love with them! I mean I can't get enough of them and I'm exciting about adding more in the future.

Even cooler we're working with some of our favorite spotters, using their photos and partnering with them for all kinds of fun.

Available as metal, print, fine art, and canvas are 25% off Tuesday November 23rd using the code NEWFAVES.


If you've been around for a while, you knew this one was coming. Because it's still one of the coolest things we've ever created and it's still my favorite piece of art in my house after being there for 5 years. Just last week a good friend and I talked about it for about 10 minutes.

It's 8 feet wide. It's custom. It's stunning in every way. Yes, it's expensive, becuase big giant pieces of metal art are not cheap. But, it's worth it, I promise you.

And Wednesday November 24th it's on sale for 20% off - damn - using the code WIDEBODY.

but wait, there's more

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday everything on the site will be 15% off using the code EVERYTHING. In fact, it's on NOW!

That means these cool mugs that I love and people just don't buy enough of, this poster that really represents what our company tries to be about (if it's not obvious) and these other new hoodies that we just launched that our waaay cool with that rugged type feel.

It's everything. Enjoy!

And thanks for being amazing friends/customers.

Find what you want.