If we had a penny for the number of times marketing geniuses told us that people are suckers for sales and coupon codes, well, we wouldn't need to work anymore.

Our philosophy is instead to keep prices low as possible, treat people like they aren't suckers, and don't make people wait for sales or regret missing out on one.

That said, here are some pretty constant ways you can save some moeny around here...


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If you're a member of a flight crew, please tell us! We do have coupon codes just for you and the work you do, because we really appreciate you!


If you're an aviation student, shoot us a note and we'll get you a code too. You may not be crew yet, but you're about to be, plus the school bills can add up.


Thank Crew is one of our little taglines. Get it. Thank you. Thank Crew? Okay do it and get 10% off!


We're always trying to dial in how we can best serve you. If you fill out our survey you will help us get better!


It's hard to keep up with all of the changes in aviation but we do our best. If you can find errors on our site (in terms of airport info) please do send them our way and we'll get them fixed as soon as possible - so you can order an updated and correct version.


Give us a shout out on the Gram, or Facebook, or TikTok, and, you know, you never know what good things might happen, especially if it includes a product in the post.


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