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You've seen all the Radar Designs we offer in our heavy paper and metal, but you want something else? We got you.

We offer all of our Radar Designs in a number of other sizes and media options! For more details read below or check out our product specs! We also offer lots of custom options, to make this piece of art just right.

1. Select the media and size you'd like.
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4. We'll do the rest.
5. Or just write Ryan and he'll walk you through any custom options. 

Our samples of N90 show give a rough example of how your print will look. Standard designs match the design on our Radar Design pages. RAW And Maple designs will match the design shows on  our Radar Design pages.


  • Contemporary texture and finish

    • 1.5 inch stretcher frame.
    • Fine art printed directly onto canvas.

    Gallery images

    Available as 12 x 18, 20 x 30, or 40 x 60 in standard color and white line.
  • Stunning. Bold. Ready to hang.

    • Dyes are infused directly into specially coated aluminum sheets to make for a powerful presentation of art.
    • These scratch-resistant pieces are waterproof/weatherproof and easy to clean with any glass cleaner.
    • They also come with float mount hangers that allow the metals to hang easily and look as though they are floating off of the wall as well as very slight rounded corners.

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    Available as 4 x 6 (mini), 12 x 18, 20 x 30, or 40 x 60 in standard, white line, and raw.
    We also offer our metal prints as "heavies" 8 feet by 4 feet. 
  • Extremely durable and heavy with a little more natural, textured, look.

    • Solid black ink printed directly on to 1/2" thick certified sustainable maple wood board.
    • Eco-friendly.
    •Include wood float hanger to keep the wood two inches off the wall. Each wood print is unique. No two look alike.

    Gallery images

    Available as 12 x 18, 20 x 30, or 40 x 60 in maple wood only.


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