Like Taylor Swift says "we're feeling twenty-twoooo" because we are excited for 2022. It's our 8 year anniversary which means we want to do all kinds of things (watch for those on the 8th of every month) including interviews with members of the aviation community every week to get to know some of our favorites! 

Feel free to nominate one of your own as well. 

We'll be asking all these amazing human beings the same 8 questions, somewhat related to aviation but mostly more about life. 

It's going to be fun! 

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Jennie Lane

Jennie Lane

October 24, 2022

Need “A little more about (fill in the blank female pilot)” – wish I could say I was one, but am not, so it’s a suggestion. Love your site – writing, graphics, context, it’s all fabulous! Keep up the great work!

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