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My name is Robbie Barnhart; I’m a corporate pilot for a luxury travel company, and I’ve been flying professionally for nearly a decade— but I started burning holes in the sky with my grandpa’s Cessna 172 in Missoula, Montana many moons ago. Outside of flying, you can find me on my yoga mat or writing my illusive novel. 

The Past

1. We certainly don’t want to dwell in the past, but sometimes it’s helps the drive forward to look in the rear view mirror. If you could go back and change one thing about the way you were raised, what would it be? If it’s nothing, tell us why? 

We have no choice in where we’re pooped out on this planet. I grew up in Jefferson City, Missouri, a stale, state capital with many closed minds and no sense of zeal. This, however, gave me great passion and yearning to get out and explore the world. While I wouldn’t change my upbringing— I have the greatest mom in the world— I do appreciate the banality of my hometown. 

2. If you could go back and tell your 10 year-old self, or tell an authority figure, one thing, which person would you choose and what would you say? 

To my 10 year old self, know this: absolutely no one has any idea what they’re doing. Deadlines are authoritarian. Gender is fluid and a social construct. Eat more vegetables. 

The present.

3. When’s the last time you felt afraid and/or lonely? We’re not trying to be sad here but a little “me too” always feels good. 

(“Afraid and/or lonely” could be a band name for the pandemic.) I recently broke up with an amazing boyfriend so that we could both grow independently— but that threw me back into the deep end of singledom. All of my fears and insecurities have suddenly bounced back, and I’m trying to see them through a different lens this time, especially as we emerge from whatever mess we’ve been in for the last two years. 

4. We all know magic is way more than a card trick. So, when was the last time you experienced magic? Or the only way to describe the experience was “magical”?

Magic, to me, isn’t so much an experience as it is a constant flow— but it’s your keen awareness that brings you into this state. Whether it’s the shadow of the horizon near twilight, or the sheer concept of launching a pressurized dart to disrupt the space-time continuum, magic is always around: you just have to look.

5. When is the last time you felt the most free? Any tips for how we can replicate it? 

International travel has always been freeing to me. Settling into my seat for departure, when my wanderlust has been quenched, I take in the promise of an adventure that awaits. My last trip was the first trip I’ve taken since the pandemic started. I had minimal cell reception and wifi access in Costa Rica, and I was happy to just be— in a yoga class, under a waterfall, or watching the sunset from the beach. Put down the phone and hop on a plane. 

6. Is there a way that aviation taps into the sacred/holy/spiritual/universe to you? If not - no, wait, there has to be right? 

The science of flight can seem a bit binary. This plus that equals the Rho of the blah blah— it mathematically makes sense. But the divine enters the chat when you chuck the logic and wholly experience the craft that breaches the heavens. As aviators, we’ve all had that moment where the connection between you and the machine is profound. A seamless turn to final followed by a soft chirp of the landing gear as you return to earth: is that not god? 

The Future.

7. If you could guarantee 1 thing for yourself 10 years from now, what would it be? Or maybe it’s nothing because messing with the future is tricky? 

The only guarantee I can give myself in 10 years is that I will be ok. Probably. 

8. What gives you hope that tomorrow will be better than today? And thus, gives us all a little hope? 

Our shared connection of humanity will be our only hope forward. Find it, foster it, cultivate it. 

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5 Responses

Team Rosie

Team Rosie

February 10, 2022

I’m all in for Team Robbie. Love you.



February 10, 2022

Robbie, you are an inspiration to all and I am so proud of everything you have accomplished. Keep blazing the great blue yonder 💙

Sandy Schroeder

Sandy Schroeder

February 10, 2022

Robbie, you are such an amazing person! I long to be in an airplane again. And I will be. And yes, you will be ok in 10 years. You will be fine. You are wise beyond your years and you spread love everywhere you go. Take care, dear.

Linda Jorgenson

Linda Jorgenson

February 10, 2022

You are amazing! I miss your face 💕✈️💕

Mama Bear

Mama Bear

January 28, 2022

Robbie dearest, you are an Old Soul. Love you to infinity!

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